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Κατηγορία: Φίλτρα-κορυφολόγοι


Προβολή όλων των 2 αποτελεσμάτων

  • Κορυφολόγος – Φίλτρο

    he fields of application range from separating processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries through oil and fat recovery to the production of  dairy products, beer, wine, fruit and vegetable juices, as well as the processing of mineral oil and mineral oil products.

    Separators have disk or annular chamber bowls. They operate continuously in respect of the discharge of the liquid phases. In respect of solids discharge they work either discontinuously (e.g. discontinuous disk-type centrifuges which must be stopped so that the collected solids can be removed by hand), semi-continuously (self-desludging disk type centrifuges = self-cleaning separators) or fully continuously (nozzle-type separators).

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  • Κορυφολόγος μικρός

    Αυτός ο διαχωριστής μπορεί να επεξεργαστεί περίπου 100 λίτρα γάλακτος ανά ώρα.
    Αυτός ο διαχωριστής γάλακτος υψηλής ποιότητας, είναι κατασκευασμένος από μέταλλο και ανθεκτικό πλαστικό που θα διαρκέσει για χρόνια.

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